Tjango! are a Finnish four-piece of fiddle, accordion, guitar and double bass. The band members represent a wide range of genres from contemporary folk to classical and jazz. Their greatest inspirations are Jazz Manouche guitar master Django Reinhardt and Astor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo, a combination that produced the group’s name. However, from the shadow of the role models, the band’s path has led to a very original mix. It is strongly folk, equally rhythm music, and also the clang of classical music is still involved. Renowned for their charismatic live performances, the band also draws on Nordic folk, bluegrass and bossa nova.

There are four strong musician personalities in Tjango!, but the best part is the interplay: the virtuoso skills were put into balance in a glorious way and the swing was stunning. And the subtle, absolutely musical humor didn’t bother anyone either.”

Pentti Ronkanen, Keskisuomalainen

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